Rosberg: "Normally I would say Hamilton, but Verstappen is a giant"

27-10-2021 12:07 | Updated: 27-10-2021 13:52
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Rosberg: Normally I would say Hamilton, but Verstappen is a giant

The United States Grand Prix had everyone on the edge of their seats. Not so much because of the overtaking actions on the track, but because of the strategic game that unfolded between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Nico Rosberg found it so exciting that he even watched the race again.

"It's so extremely exciting that I watched the race again last weekend," Rosberg told Sky Sports' German branch. "It's crazy. The cars are exactly the same, the drivers are on the same level and are in a league of their own. Nobody can keep up with them."

Rosberg sees Formula 1 at highest level ever

"It's going to be very close in the last few races, so much is going to happen. I can't estimate how it's going to turn out after Austin," he continued. "The level is so high, maybe the highest Formula 1 has known between two drivers."

Will Verstappen manage to beat the seven-time world champion? "You can't say that yet," Rosberg replied. "Normally I would go for Hamilton because of his experience and because he always wins, he is incredibly difficult to beat. Somehow I think he can still do it, but Max is a giant at the moment."

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