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Red Bull confirms: Verstappen was ill during United States GP

Red Bull confirms: Verstappen was ill during United States GP

27-10-2021 11:16 Last update: 13:50

It was already rumoured that not only Sergio Perez, but also Max Verstappen was ill during the United States Grand Prix. Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko confirms that this was the case.

Earlier it was confirmed that Perez was suffering from stomach problems, which was further exacerbated by the lack of his hydration system. But Verstappen was also ill, Marko confirmed to Auto, Motor und Sport. "During the race, at one point it went completely black in front of his eyes," he says.

Verstappen and Perez both ill during US GP

Despite this, the Dutchman managed to pull off the victory flawlessly. "It is unbelievable how much mental capacity he has. He drives a car on the limit while in poor health, but he still thinks in terms of strategy," Marko said in astonishment.

The Graz-based advisor therefore praised the work of his drivers. Also about Perez, who drove the toughest race of his life. Not only was he ill, but he was also unable to drink water during the entire race. "The performances of both of them should therefore be appreciated all the more," he continued.

"Max got himself back in shape with breathing exercises and by drinking. Perez had too much water on the warm-up lap, the stuff splashed around like the devil. In the race he had no water at all, so apparently something went wrong in the adjustment from too much to less water. It was a good performance," Marko concludes.




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