Brawn enjoys Verstappen: 'Impressive that he made no mistake'

27-10-2021 10:36 | Updated: 27-10-2021 13:49
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Brawn enjoys Verstappen: 'Impressive that he made no mistake'

Ross Brawn could not take his eyes off the screen during the United States Grand Prix. The top man of Formula 1 enjoyed the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen and saw both make no mistake.

Pressure on Hamilton

The American Grand Prix was one to lick your fingers. Especially as Formula 1 fans you are very happy with such a show. Especially in America, because that is the market F1 is trying to conquer since the arrival of Liberty Media.

''We’ve got two drivers who are driving immaculately, and I don’t think I really saw a mistake from either of them, nothing significant anyway,'' Brawn shines his light on the duel between Hamilton and Verstappen in his column for

Verstappen remains faultless

''Max edges this because of the pressure he came under from Lewis for an awful lot of the race. He kept in touch with Lewis for the first part, after losing the lead at the first corner – and then controlled it from there, looking after his tyres beautifully. To not put a foot wrong in 56 laps was impressive.''

''I know from talking to those at Red Bull that they had pencilled this race in as a Mercedes track and one where they had to minimise their losses. That wasn’t the case – but it was close – as it has been all year. And maybe we’ll see the opposite play out in Mexico and Brazil, which are tracks that Red Bull might feel will move to them. This championship has still got an awful long way to go,'' Brawn concludes.

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