Advantage for Verstappen: 'There's more pressure on Lewis than Max'

Advantage for Verstappen: 'There's more pressure on Lewis than Max'

26-10-2021 17:41 Last update: 19:48

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are doing everything they can to win the championship. Whereas for the Dutchman it would be his first top prize in Formula 1, Hamilton has already won seven world titles. Therefore the pressure is different, says Damon Hill in the Formula 1 Nation Podcast.

At the United States Grand Prix, the fight was palpable. Although Hamilton worked hard to outsmart Verstappen, it was the driver of the Austrian racing team who crossed the finish line first. According to Hill, Hamilton will only feel more pressure in the coming weeks.

"I think it will be difficult for max to keep his cool," Hill stated. "He's got a tiny little glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel that says 'you're world champion'. I think my god, to keep your cool now. You know it can swing the other way, in some senses it is yours to lose. You've almost got it, but you can lose it. and that is tension as much as a relief."

Hamilton is struggling

Hill then compares the situation to himself. "It's like me! I'd never won a championship, until F1. I still think there's more pressure on Lewis than Max. Max will get a chance again and again. Lewis wants the 8th title and this could be his last chance."