Bottas was 'grey mouse': "I just didn't see him!"

26-10-2021 14:05 | Updated: 26-10-2021 19:45
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Bottas was 'grey mouse': I just didn't see him!

In the United States, Red Bull Racing secured another double podium. In Turkey they shared the podium with Valtteri Bottas and in Austin they shared the podium with Lewis Hamilton. Allard Kalff and Kees van de Grint call Sergio Perez the perfect second.

Perez plays important role

Perez is in good shape. Twice in a row he climbed the podium together with Max Verstappen, so he does good business in the championship for his team and teammate. In the Slipstream podcast by RTL Kalff states: "Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are at the same level. Perez yesterday was just the good second."

"Perfect! He couldn't have done more. What could he do better?" replies Van de Grint. "Yes, he could have gone after Hamilton, but he couldn't keep up with him because he had forty seconds on him. But better than this... It was a big difference with Bottas."

Bottas inferior to Perez

Kalff stressed that especially because of the early pit stops, Perez was definitely a factor Hamilton had to consider at that stage of the race. "I think that's why his supporter and backer, Carlos Slim, was so happy." Van de Grint responds. "But it's what you say; a perfect second man."

Bottas' form is disappointing and is dwarfed not only by Perez's race, but also by his own race in Turkey. Kalff: "It was noticeable what a grey mouse he was last weekend. I just didn't see him!"

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