Hamilton after day of reflection: 'There's still time'

26-10-2021 12:50 | Updated: 26-10-2021 13:40
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Hamilton after day of reflection: 'There's still time'

Lewis Hamilton was dealt a heavy blow during the United States Grand Prix. The seven-time world champion was defeated on Mercedes territory by Max Verstappen in a blood-curdling race to the finish. On his Instagram, the Brit reflects on last race.

Hamilton needs day to reflect

Hamilton's message shows how hard he had to race on Sunday. It is a bitter pill for the Mercedes driver who gave everything to finish ahead of Verstappen. But Hamilton is resilient and sees that it is not too late.

Hamilton posted a photo on his Instagram on the Monday evening after the race with his hands in his hair. He added: "A day of reflection today. We gave it our all yesterday, but with hindsight, you notice there is always more you can or could have done."

Mercedes regroups and fights on

Hamilton seems to want to focus mainly on the upcoming races. There are still five races to go, so there are still 125 championship points to be gained, even without counting the points from the sprint race and fastest laps.

Hamilton: "So we assess, regroup, recharge and fight on! There is still time, there are still obstacles, but together we can achieve anything we put our minds to." 

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