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Hamilton really does need to win races again to keep chance of title

"Hamilton really does need to win races again to keep chance of title"

26-10-2021 12:17 Last update: 13:39


After Max Verstappen's strong race in the United States, many F1 experts seem to agree that the title will end up with Verstappen in 2021. Also, 1996 F1 champion Damon Hill thinks Verstappen can only lose it.

Verstappen can only lose the title

The battle between Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen in 2021 is extremely exciting. For seventeen races, the two drivers have alternated in the lead and have been close to each other. In the United States, a real Mercedes track, Verstappen won from his rival extending his lead.

Hill says on Sky Sports the following: "It's now eight wins to five in Max's favour. It seems more and more to be his title."

Will Verstappen or Hamilton crash out again?

With just five races to go, Hamilton really needs to win again if he is to have any chance: "Will this be a season where Lewis fights back from a gap? He really needs to win races again if he wants to keep a chance."

Hill, on the other hand, stresses that a 12-point gap in the championship can quickly be closed if a driver drops out. An accident is easy to happen: "I don't exclude that something like this happens again this season. The question is then whether it happens to Lewis or Max," Hill said.