Jos Verstappen makes comeback early and takes part in rally

25-10-2021 15:16 | Updated: 25-10-2021 16:11
Jos Verstappen makes comeback early and takes part in rally

Last month it was announced that Jos Verstappen will get behind the wheel again. The former Formula 1 driver will be in action during the 24 hours of Dubai, but in the United States it has become clear that the 49-year old Dutchman will make his comeback on the circuit sooner than in January.

Verstappen back after period of absence

Verstappen sr. comes next month in action at the Jack's International Drenthe Rally. He is already busy in training. "I've already lost seven kilos and run every morning. It will be the first time I race with a navigator next to me. I am really looking forward to it and I noticed that I really like rallying. It is very unpredictable."

The rally in Drenthe is on and along the TT-circuit of Assen, so there will be driving on unpaved and paved terrain. Jos Verstappen has just over four weeks to prepare, because the race is scheduled for November 27.

With Drenthe and Dubai, Verstappen has two races planned in his calendar for the time being, but it is not excluded that more races will be added in due course. "I'll wait and see how it all goes. But if it works out well, I think there will be more to come", he said to De Telegraaf.

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