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Ricciardo does not care about Sainz's comment: I'm a nice guy

Ricciardo does not care about Sainz's comment: "I'm a nice guy"

25-10-2021 13:08 Last update: 14:00


Daniel Ricciardo was told by Carlos Sainz that he made a 'dirty move' when defending. According to the McLaren driver, he is the 'nice guy' and there is nothing wrong with playing dirty every now and then.

Ricciardo and Sainz in first lap

Ricciardo clashed with Sainz and teammate Lando Norris on the very first lap. Norris joined in briefly, but it was mainly the Australian and the Spaniard who were fighting in that first lap. No less than three times they changed position.

The McLaren driver came out on top, but throughout the race the drivers remained evenly matched. On lap 43 the drivers met again on track. Ricciardo drove a wide line here, damaging the front wing of Sainz's Ferrari.

Sometimes you have to play dirty

Motorsport.com quotes Ricciardo: "Sainz put on a good attack later on in the race as well, and we obviously went side-by-side, and a little bit of banging wheels. So it was very fun, and very needed to hold on for everything I could."

Sainz, on the other hand, was not happy about the moment and thought it was 'dirty' how Ricciardo defended. The Australian just doesn't seem to care about that: "That's cool. I'm happy to be dirty. I'm a nice guy, so being dirty every now and then is alright!"

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