Alonso baffled by 'strange' FIA ruling

25-10-2021 12:22 | Updated: 25-10-2021 13:59
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Alonso baffled by 'strange' FIA ruling

The United States Grand Prix was particularly exciting between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the front. In the midfield, there was also plenty happening around Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard is baffled by the ruling of the FIA.

Alonso frustrated

Alonso got into a tussle with Kimi Raikkonen. The Finn overtook him in a way that Alonso did not agree with. The Alpine driver demanded the spot back but got no response.

Not much later in his race, Alonso did have to give his position back to Antonio Giovinazzi. The overtaking move from the Spaniard was not allowed. This led to great dissatisfaction between the race director and the two-time F1 World Champion.

Strange situation with Raikkonen

After the event, he shared his thoughts on the race with "“So, in a way, you always force a guy to go off track when you brake on the inside: you commit to an overtaking. And they need to decide if they back off, or keep the full-throttle off the track outside the circuit.

Alonso noticed that both Carlos Sainz and Giovinazzi neatly gave way as soon as they went off track. "But Kimi didn't," Alonso continued. "So that's why I felt that it was not consistent."

For the incident with Giovinazzi and the FIA's comments on it, the Spaniard has more understanding: "Unfortunately I was three seconds in front of him already, so I lost a lot of time. But I understood the decision. And then Gio did the same thing and he had to give me back the position. So yeah, it came back to my original point that, with Kimi, it felt strange."

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