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Red Bull not favourite in Mexico: 'Why would it be different there?'

Red Bull not favourite in Mexico: 'Why would it be different there?'

25-10-2021 07:29


Red Bull Racing will leave the United States with a good feeling, as the Austrians were not expected to win here. Christian Horner is wary of being too optimistic after Max Verstappen's victory.

Not favourite in Mexico

Prior to the Grand Prix in America, Mercedes was pointed out as the favourite. The German team has won here more often in recent years, but this time it was Red Bull Racing that ran away with the victory. Mexico is the next GP on the calendar and there the Austrians have actually been the favourite over the years.

''It's so close together this year between the two teams. There is no reason to assume that it won't be exciting again in the coming races," Horner said to Motorsport.com. The Red Bull team boss does hope that Red Bull will be competitive in Mexico, but does not blindly assume so.

Anything is possible in the world championship

''Hopefully we are strong there. Mexico and Brazil have been good circuits for us in the past, but this year it is so close, in almost every race there is only a few tenths difference. I don't see why it would be different in Mexico.''

Verstappen is 12 points ahead in the drivers' championship, but in the constructors', Mercedes still has a 23-point lead. ''In both championships it is therefore not yet possible to say which way it will go,'' Horner concludes.

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