Verstappen on aggressive strategy: "Wasn't sure if it would work"

24-10-2021 21:56
Verstappen on aggressive strategy: Wasn't sure if it would work

Max Verstappen was unable to capitalise on his pole position at the start, but the Dutchman made up for lost time in the United States Grand Prix thanks to Red Bull Racing's excellent strategy. Lewis Hamilton was beaten and so his lead in the world championship is currently 12 points with five GP's to go. Verstappen is of course satisfied.

In his first reaction after the race the 24-year old Dutchman says: "Of course we lost out in the start so we had to try and do something else. The tyre wear is quite high around this track, we went aggressive and I was not sure it was going to work but the last few laps were fun. A bit sideways through the high-speed corners but super happy to hang on."

Verstappen thanks spectators

Verstappen managed to extend his lead in the World Championship to 12 points. The Limburger's victory marked Red Bull's 200th podium in the king class of motorsport. "The fans are great here. It's great to be here, but to see so many of you here at the track is incredible. Hopefully, this will continue in the years to come."

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