'Hamilton will do everything to prevent Verstappen getting more points'

24-10-2021 15:02 | Updated: 24-10-2021 16:24
by GPblog.com
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'Hamilton will do everything to prevent Verstappen getting more points'

For many F1 fans, this season has been one of the most exciting in a long time. Two title rivals are going at each other and in America they will once again be treated to a direct battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. F1 journalist Chris Medland explains at Formula1.com what he expects from the race.

"You couldn’t script it much better. With just six points separating them, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will start side-by-side on the front row in Austin. It’s nothing we haven't seen before, in fact it’s the seventh time it has happened this season, but since the last occasion at Zandvoort there has been a controversial coming together at Monza that saw both retire," expects Medland.

Will Verstappen take risks?

The current difference between Verstappen and Hamilton is six points and that could become very important. The Mercedes driver needs to make up points, while the Dutchman's main concern is to maintain and if possible increase his lead. Medland believes the difference in interests between the two drivers could create even more tension.

"With Verstappen the championship leader and surprisingly starting ahead on a track where Mer-cedes expected to be strong, Hamilton arguably has a greater need to get ahead in order to avoid that gap being extended. From Verstappen’s point of view, leaving COTA without losing points to Hamilton would probably have been deemed a success heading into the weekend, so he can afford to be as aggressive as ever."

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