Marko: Verstappen ahead of Hamilton in terms of car handling and speed
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Marko: "Verstappen ahead of Hamilton in terms of car handling and speed"

22-10-2021 13:18 Last update: 15:42

It is the most exciting world championship in Formula 1 since 2016. Everyone is on the edge of their seats because will Max Verstappen grab his first title this season or will it be Lewis Hamilton who turns out to be the strongest and in that case takes his eighth championship. Helmut Marko doesn't dare to make a prediction.

"In terms of car control and speed, Max is definitely ahead of Lewis," Marko told F1-Insider in the United States. It has currently brought him the leading position in the world championship, but after 22 Grands Prix, is that still the case? "Lewis has more experience. It will be interesting to see what will tip the balance."

Red Bull have found something

Verstappen is six points ahead of the World Championship with as many weekends to go. The speed of the W12 is impressive, but Marko revealed earlier on Friday that his Austrian formation has now found something that should be able to make the RB16B more competitive.

A big advantage is that Adrian Newey is back with the team. This summer the top designer of Red Bull was on holiday in Croatia and that did not end well. A cycling accident left Newey with several broken bones and he was sidelined for almost three months. In Turkey, the 62-year-old Briton was back in the team for the first time and immediately managed to distinguish himself.

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