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'It would surprise me if Mercedes have gained so much speed with the engine'

'It would surprise me if Mercedes have gained so much speed with the engine'

22-10-2021 07:22 Last update: 09:01


Martin Brundle puts his money on Mercedes ahead of the United States Grand Prix. According to the former Formula 1 driver, the German team is in top form and there are concerns at Red Bull Racing.

Red Bull is worried

Over the past two races, Mercedes have been momentarily out of touch. Except for a mistake in qualifying, Mercedes dominated the entire weekend in Russia and in Turkey Valtteri Bottas was elusive for Max Verstappen. According to Brundle, this is causing questions for Red Bull. How can they have suddenly lost so much ground?

''Red Bull will be concerned. Lewis didn't exactly cruise past Yuki Tsunoda early on in the AlphaTauri. Nor did he ease quickly past Sergio Perez in the other Red Bull. But the Mercedes has shown great straight-line speed as well. I think Istanbul was more that Red Bull had a bit of an off weekend as well to compound the issue. There are some concerns in the Red Bull camp, that Mercedes have found some real pace and I think it's to do with the aerodynamics,'' Brundle told Sky Sports.

Mercedes has the best car

''I'd be surprised if it was the motor, maybe it's a bit of everything but there's no doubt about it, Mercedes are on great form.'' However, despite the results of recent races, the Briton feels the two teams will not be far apart in America.

''I do feel that Red Bull and Mercedes will come here on even ground. History says Mercedes have been much stronger. Until this year, Red Bull haven't given Max Verstappen a car to fight every weekend. There's no doubt that the 2021 Red Bull is the best for some time so we're rewriting the rules on that so yes if you really had to put your kids building society money on it, which one is the strongest car you'd say Mercedes just'', concludes Brundle.

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