F1 director: 'Don't consider organising a sprint race at every GP'

21-10-2021 18:48 | Updated: 21-10-2021 21:09
by GPblog.com
F1 director: 'Don't consider organising a sprint race at every GP'

Formula 1 has been conducting a survey of its fans recently and the results have come in today. The F1 fans were asked for their opinion about sprint racing and the results are 'encouraging. Stefano Domenicali told Motorsport.com on the eve of the Grand Prix weekend in the United States .

No fewer than 167,000 fans from 187 different countries took part in the poll, which revealed that seven per cent believe that sprint races really add something to the Formula 1 show. However, sixty percent of those surveyed definitely do not want there to be a sprint race every weekend.

"The number is very, very encouraging," said Domenicali, who knows there is still plenty of work to do for Liberty Media to actually convince all fans of the added value of sprint races. ""We see, from what we see as a figure, the mixed feelings of more traditional fans [who are] less happy for the change, while the new fans are really happy to see things moving in a different way. So it's basically the thing that I see is correct to consider."

Still, Formula One has no intention of hosting all 23 Grand Prix weekends in the future with a sprint race format time and time again. "We are not even thinking to go with all the grands prix in a different format. We believe that we can create a very fixed number, that will be I think six in the near future, with this format, with changes that we are thinking [about] together with the teams in order to improve the quality of the offer," the Italian concluded his account.

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