Horner: "That's great for F1, but not much good for my sleep pattern"

21-10-2021 18:15 | Updated: 21-10-2021 21:08
by GPblog.com
Horner: That's great for F1, but not much good for my sleep pattern

Christian Horner fears it will be another month and a half before it is clear who will be the 2021 World Champion in the premier class of motor sport. The Red Bull Racing team boss believes that the decision will not be made before Abu Dhabi. Horner will also discuss his relationship with Toto Wolff ahead of the US Grand Prix.

Red Bull vs Mercedes

"Normally by this stage of the season the championship has been wrapped up," Horner was referring in an interview with Luxury London to Mercedes' dominance in recent years. How different will it be in 2021? Max Verstappen is currently in the lead in the drivers' championship after sixteen Grands Prix. "I hope it doesn’t go to the final race in Abu Dhabi on 12 December but I think it’s inevitable. This championship will go to the wire, which is great for F1 but not much good for my sleep pattern."

Much has been said and written about the battle with Mercedes on, but more importantly off the track. Every weekend team bosses Horner and Toto Wolff are asked by the media about each other's statements. Sometimes there seems to be no end to it and it's hard hitting, but Horner insists that it doesn't really concern him that much.

"I don’t pay much attention to the Toto situation, even if the media likes to build it up. The intensity of the competition is so fierce that one mistake could cost either team the title. This is also the first time Mercedes has been under this level of pressure in seven seasons – it will be interesting to see how they deal with that," the 47-year-old British chief told reporters.

Horner and Wolff differ

According to Horner, Wolff is a very different type to himself. "Toto and I are not similar characters. He is a financial guy and I grew up in the industry. It doesn’t make one right or the other one wrong but we are very different people. We have a handful of races to go, varying circuits around the world, the situation is very exciting, even for the impartial F1 fan."

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