Verstappen: "That gap is becoming smaller, which is a great thing to see"

21-10-2021 10:05 | Updated: 21-10-2021 11:49
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Verstappen: That gap is becoming smaller, which is a great thing to see

Formula One is making inroads in the United States, where there has been relatively little interest in the sport in the past. This is largely due to new owner Liberty Media, but also to the Netflix series Drive to Survive. Max Verstappen is pleased to see interest in the sport rising there as well.

Following the release of the third season of Drive to Survive, Formula One viewing figures have risen again in America. This has contributed to attendance figures for the upcoming United States Grand Prix being the highest in the event's nine-year history.

Verstappen happy with growing interest in Formula 1 in America

"It’s a bit difficult to say where it exactly comes from," Verstappen says to NBC about the rise in viewership in the US. "For sure, Netflix helped quite a bit to get a bit of a general understanding, I think that's good."

"The owners of course want to push it more in America. We’re getting more races in America, which from my side is a good thing. Before you saw quite a big difference from people really into F1 or people really not knowing a lot about it. You see that gap is becoming smaller, which I think is a great thing to see", the Dutchman concludes.

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