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Red Bull benefit? That's where Honda will generate more power

Red Bull benefit? "That's where Honda will generate more power"

20-10-2021 15:08 Last update: 17:23


With six races to go and only six points between championship leader Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, the title fight can still go either way. Former Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle agrees, but he also sees an important advantage for Red Bull Racing in the upcoming Grands Prix.

Verstappen starts the weekend in Austin with a small lead. Over the last few races, the lead in the championship has shot back and forth between Verstappen and Hamilton like a ping-pong ball, making it extremely difficult to predict who will take the title.

Honda generates more power in Mexico and Brazil

"I expect it to be a close battle between the two teams," Brundle told Sky Sports of his expectations for the United States Grand Prix. "I think at the next two circuits, Mexico and Brazil, we're going to see that the Honda engine works really well at higher altitude and generates more power there."

After that, it gets harder to predict. "From Qatar, we don't know yet, that's a completely new Grand Prix and so is Saudi Arabia, so those are big unknowns. I would think in the last six races they will be even stevens," Brundle said.

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