Gasly: 'It's only gotten worse after two years'

19-10-2021 16:24 | Updated: 19-10-2021 17:00
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Gasly: 'It's only gotten worse after two years'

Formula 1 will race this weekend at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas during the United States Grand Prix. Pierre Gasly saw the MotoGP drivers struggle on the bumpy tarmac and fears for the F1 event.

Problems at COTA only get worse

The MotoGP drivers had their hands full with the asphalt at the American circuit. Some asphalt has been renewed, but that's only about forty percent. Gasly fears the worst.

Speedweek quotes the AlphaTauri driver: "I think our task could be quite difficult next weekend. After seeing the footage from MotoGP, it seems like the bumps we were already complaining about two years ago have only gotten worse."

Masi promises repairs

As only forty percent of the road surface has been renewed, there are indeed parts of the circuit that have not been repaired according to race director Michael Masi. The Australian does promise that the critical points will be adjusted.

Gasly: "The surface will force us to make a compromise in the set-up. We don't know how far we have to go yet until we get there."

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