Too late for Mercedes to solve engine problems: 'No point making new parts'

18-10-2021 18:33 | Updated: 18-10-2021 19:53
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Too late for Mercedes to solve engine problems: 'No point making new parts'

The title fight between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes AMG F1 is still wide open. Mercedes are questioning if engine reliability issues will cause further problem for them. According to Toto Wolff it's too late to do anything about it.

Unsolvable problems for Mercedes

The problems for Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have not been solved and team boss Wolff does not rule out the possibility that a lot of swaps will have to be made in the final quarter of this F1 season. It is no longer profitable to fix the reliability problems.

AMuS quotes the Austrian: "At the moment we can only try to keep the problems as little as possible and get rid of them as well as possible. There's no point in starting to make any more new parts."

Fifth engine for Hamilton not ruled out

Wolff doesn't seem to know what exactly is going on with the engines. The first engine of the seven-time world champion and rival of Max Verstappen lasted six races and a few more practice sessions on Fridays. That seems to be completely impossible with the current engine.

Hamilton's third power unit, which was introduced at the Belgian GP, is unlikely to be used in races anymore, according to Wolff. That means that the fourth engine Hamilton has already taken the ICE from in Turkey will have to endure six more races. 

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