Sauber to be sold to Andretti? 'Wolff certainly wouldn't sell it'

16-10-2021 14:36 | Updated: 16-10-2021 17:31
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Sauber to be sold to Andretti? 'Wolff certainly wouldn't sell it'

For some time now rumours have been going around that Alfa Romeo Sauber might be taken over. Michael Andretti would like to enter the sport and would like to employ an American driver immediately. Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff doesn't think this is a good move for Alfa Romeo.

Andretti shows interest in Alfa Romeo Sauber

Andretti sees opportunities in Formula One. The sport has had an American team on the grid since 2016, and from 2021 it will also host two Grands Prix in the country. The only thing missing is an American driver. With the arrival of Andretti at Sauber, that American driver might just come into the sport.

"There is an offer on the table," says F1 journalist Michael Schmidt in the Formel Schmidt podcast. "The question now is whether the owner of the Sauber racing team is happy with it or not. It's a bit difficult to judge, because they don't need the money urgently and are huge racing fans."

Wolff wouldn't sell it

"Toto Wolff said to me: whoever sells his F1 team now must be crazy. The team will be worth much more in a year, and even more in two years. F1 is booming." Many countries are lining up to host a Grand Prix, and the new 2022 rules will generate more interest from fans.

"There's a rule change coming that could give equal opportunities, and the budget cap... nobody knows who's going to win. This generates interest, which means more money and that means the value of the team goes up," said Schmidt. "Toto Wolff says he would definitely not sell now."

Should the team do get sold to Andretti, it looks like Colton Herta will make his Formula One debut. In that case, the American comes over from the Andretti IndyCar team where he managed to win three races in 2021.

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