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Norris for world champion with McLaren: 'More chance in 2023 or 2024'

Norris for world champion with McLaren: 'More chance in 2023 or 2024'

14-10-2021 13:32 Last update: 15:17


After some very disappointing years, McLaren has been on the rise again since 2019. This season McLaren is even in third place in the championship, where it also finished last season. It is therefore not surprising that they are already looking at the next step; becoming world champions.

World Champion with McLaren

The rising star within McLaren is Lando Norris. The young Briton has been driving for the team since 2019 and is currently experiencing his best season to date. He is fourth in the championship and has been on the podium four times already. In Russia, he was even on his way to his first win until the sudden rain at the end of the race ruined it for Norris.

For Norris, his goal for the next few years is clear. "I want to be world champion with McLaren," writes Formel1.de. "I don't know when that opportunity will present itself, " he is still holding back.

Indeed, according to Norris, McLaren still has a backlog of work to do. "There are some things we just don't have yet compared to Mercedes or Red Bull. We don't have all the necessary ingredients in place yet to take the title. For example, we still need a good wind tunnel. That's why we'll have a better chance in 2023 or 2024"

Indispensable role for Seidl

Norris emphasises the major role Andreas Seidl plays in McLaren's development. "Andreas helps with everything. He not only looks after the team, but he also tries to help us drivers as much as possible. He knows where the performance lies with the drivers, the engineers and the mechanics," the Brit praised his team boss. Seidl joined McLaren in 2019.

According to Norris, Seidl's influence goes beyond just the car or the team. "If we have problems or need something, he always goes out of his way to make it available for us. It doesn't matter how weird or crazy it is."

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