Marko: 'Since Silverstone something strange is going on at Mercedes'

14-10-2021 09:47 | Updated: 14-10-2021 11:20
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Marko: 'Since Silverstone something strange is going on at Mercedes'

Helmut Marko is happy with the result that the Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri drivers achieved in the Turkish Grand Prix, but he also sees that the gap to Mercedes was worrying. According to the consultant, Red Bull now need to find out where Mercedes' sudden advantage came from.

Marko is proud of his drivers: both Yuki Tsunoda and Sergio Perez gave Max Verstappen excellent back cover. "Yuki Tsunoda stopped him brilliantly at the beginning of the race," says the Austrian at Sport1. "Had he got past there faster, he might even have won the race. Because if he had made it behind Bottas, there would have been a change of place for sure."

Marko expresses concerns about speed Mercedes

He does worry about the speed of his rivals, although he accepts the FIA 's verdict that the Mercedes engines are legal. "I don't think Mercedes did anything illegal," he admits. "But something has been weird since Silverstone. So it is now up to us to research why they are suddenly so fast."

"Is it just the engine or something else? We now have to work day and night to uncover its secret and then counter it. As quickly as possible. It is up to us." If Red Bull don't figure it out Marko doesn't see it so sunny. "If the differences in performance remain the same as in Istanbul, we will have a problem," concludes the Red Bull advisor.

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