Coulthard: "He has a lot of little incidents, that shows he's under pressure"

14-10-2021 06:40 | Updated: 14-10-2021 08:59
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Coulthard: He has a lot of little incidents, that shows he's under pressure

Former Formula One driver David Coulthard is surprised at the number of mistakes Lewis Hamilton has made in 2021, but which he has largely gotten away with. With six races to go, Max Verstappen leads the driver standings, further increasing the pressure on Hamilton.

Hamilton was known for the low number of mistakes he made, but in the current season he is making mistakes regularly. Coulthard also sees a trend in this. "He has a remarkable amount of little incidents and he gets away with it," said the 50-year-old Scot at Channel 4.

Many incidents for Hamilton

He points to Imola and Russia as examples. "Whether it was running into the gravel at Imola, touching the barrier and being able to reverse out and various others, hitting the pit wall in Russia most recently where there was minimal damage to the car," he continued.

"That is the remarkable thing, you don’t really see him drop the ball massively, lots of little incidents, but it shows he’s under pressure," Coulthard concluded.


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