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Webber worried about Verstappen: 'Mercedes have made a step forward'

Webber worried about Verstappen: 'Mercedes have made a step forward'

13-10-2021 12:32 Last update: 14:15


With two second places in Russia and Turkey Max Verstappen regained the lead in the championship at the expense of Lewis Hamilton. The Dutchman can therefore be satisfied, but Mark Webber is still worried about the speed of the Red Bull compared to the Mercedes.

Worried about Verstappen

Former Formula One driver Mark Webber wonders in the F1 Nation podcast wonder if Mercedes have the faster car at the moment. "I'm a bit worried about Max Verstappen. Because based on the last few races, you have to wonder if he's going to have a car that's fast enough to beat Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes." Webber himself drove for Red Bull Racing from 2007 to 2013, winning nine Grands Prix.

Mercedes also faster on a wet track

Webber thought the wet conditions in Istanbul would work in Verstappen's favour. "Before the race, I thought Max would be doing laps around Valtteri with these track conditions, but then it turned out Verstappen had no answer to Bottas' speed in the Mercedes."

The 45-year-old Australian therefore sees a clear improvement at Mercedes. "Mercedes is the faster car on a dry track and also on a wet track Red Bull Racing has to respond at the moment. I don't know how Mercedes have done it, through tweaks to the engine or aerodynamic improvements, but there is no doubt they have managed to take a step forward."

Going all out

Verstappen will have to pull out all the stops in the coming races to stay ahead of Hamilton in the championship. "Max is selling his skin as dearly as possible. He drove brilliantly in Russia and I also don't think he could have done better than that second place in the race in Turkey." The Dutchman has a six-point lead over Hamilton in the championship with six races to go.

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