Lammers critical of Red Bull: 'Even then Verstappen couldn't beat Bottas'

11-10-2021 14:40 | Updated: 11-10-2021 15:59
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Lammers critical of Red Bull: 'Even then Verstappen couldn't beat Bottas'

Red Bull Racing have maxed out in the Turkish Grand Prix, despite having problems all weekend. According to former Formula 1 driver Jan Lammers, however, there is much more going on at the team: he thinks they should be very worried and even look over their shoulder.


Problems at Red Bull underexposed

"I think there's a lot more to it," begins the analyst on the Dutch NOS Formula 1 podcast. "First of all, Max was happy that it wasn't dry, because in this situation he had at least a bit of a chance, otherwise Hamilton would probably have been quicker to get to the front. But take it all in: We had a race yesterday in wet conditions where you can make the difference as a driver. Even in those conditions, he couldn't beat Bottas," said Lammers.

He, therefore, thinks that an important point was underexposed during the weekend. "We say Mercedes have made a step forward, but it goes much further. A lot in the top ten have made a step, except Red Bull. Red Bull almost got passed by AlphaTauri on the dry this weekend," continued the former Formula One driver.

Lammers thinks Red Bull need to look over its shoulder

"Mercedes have obviously made a step forward compared to Red Bull, but I think Red Bull need to be much more concerned that they don't have to fight Ferrari and AlphaTauri later on," he adds. "Also look at how Alonso went with his fifth place, so Renault might get involved with Alpine as well."

"So there's a lot more going on than Mercedes having gained a bit compared to Red Bull; no, Red Bull are one of the few that haven't made strides compared to the others. I think they really need to see if they can find something for the rest of the year, because otherwise it's going to be really hard work," Lammers concluded.

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