Perez to Verstappen: You owe me a few tequilas
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Perez to Verstappen: "You owe me a few tequilas"

10-10-2021 16:12 Last update: 16:26

Max Verstappen realised early on that victory was out of the question at Istanbul Park. However, he is the new leader in the World Cup thanks to his second place and that is partly due to excellent work of teammate Sergio Perez. The 31 year old driver managed to keep Lewis Hamilton away.

Verstappen quickly threw in the towel. "I could already see after a bit he was just too quick. I did close the gap at one point but then he pulled away and my tyres were gone. I tried to hang on and then Charles behind was quite quick and I pitted," Verstappen told Sky Sports.

Perez had more to do in the Turkish Grand Prix, as he came up against the likes of Lewis Hamilton. He fought a nice duel and came out on top as well. "When Lewis came I was at the worst part of my race. I was degging off massively and had to defend. At that points Lewis was probably one of the quickest cars on track and I was degging off with my tyres."

Verstappen can thank Perez

The Mexican further explains: "At that point it was about surviving and then trying to keep him behind because that was important for our race. Then at turn one, I had a good chance and survived," Perez said, then winked at Verstappen."You owe me a couple of tequilas."

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