Steiner corrects interviewer: I said Max is the driver to beat!
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Steiner corrects interviewer: "I said Max is the driver to beat!"

08-10-2021 12:30 Last update: 19:48

At the press conference for the team bosses, between the first and second free practice, all attendees were asked about their expectations in the duel for the title between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. According to the top bosses the advantage is now with the Dutch driver of Red Bull Racing.

Laurent Mekies answers when asked who is going to be the winner of the World Championship title in 2021: "The last races could be slightly in favour of Max, but I think the title fight is going to last until the last race," said the Ferrari top executive. The final Grand Prix of the season takes place on December 12 at the Abu Dhabi circuit.

Steiner puts money on Verstappen

Guenter Steiner also seems to be more in favour of Verstappen, according to The Haas F1 chief thinks Max will win the world championship this year. Why? "Because he scores more points," he says unequivocally. The interviewer hooks up as follows: "So you think Red Bull is the car to beat?" Steiner: "I said Max is the driver to beat!"

At Williams, Jost Capito keeps a low profile. "I don't care who becomes world champion. At the pit wall I'm so busy with my cars that sometimes I wonder who actually won the race." Frederic Vasseur doesn't really dare take a side, but he does note:"The penalty for Lewis could change the game because it's so close [to the end of the season]."

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