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Alonso compliments Verstappen: 'I turned on the TV because of him'

Alonso compliments Verstappen: 'I turned on the TV because of him'

07-10-2021 13:19 Last update: 13:30


Everyone has an opinion about the title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The two rivals are separated by just two points and the rest of the season promises to be exciting. According to Fernando Alonso Verstappen has the right approach in the battle for the championship.

During the press conference, Verstappen complimented Alonso. If the Dutchman wasn't an F1 driver himself he would support Alonso. Lance Stroll also agreed. "I was actually a fan of his before I came into F1", he said.

Alonso himself is immediately asked about Verstappen's compliments during the press conference. "I'm happy to hear it! I said at the beginning of the year that the drivers who impressed me the most last year were Max and George [Russell]. It was because of them that I turned on the TV", the Spaniard is quoted on Motorsport-Magazin.com.

Verstappen feels no pressure

The Spaniard knows how it feels to become world champion at a young age, as he himself became world champion at the age of 24. In his time out of Formula 1, Verstappen impressed Alonso, he says. He has confidence in the Dutchman to win the title.

"We are all different. But for him it doesn't seem to matter much," he explains when it comes to the pressure. "Verstappen just takes it weekend by weekend and that's also the right approach," Alonso believes.

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