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Verstappen ready for Turkey: I am fully focused on my tasks

Verstappen ready for Turkey: "I am fully focused on my tasks"

07-10-2021 12:28 Last update: 13:24


Max Verstappen will try to take the lead in the championship from Lewis Hamilton during the Turkish Grand Prix at the Istanbul Park circuit. The difference in points between the two is currently a paltry two points in favour of the Brit.

Calm and focused

Verstappen, as we know him by now, doesn't care. At the press conference leading up to the Turkish GP he was asked how he feels now the season is coming to an end: "Calm and focused, actually the same as always. I don't think about the fact the world championship will be over in ten weeks. I am fully focused on my tasks," the Dutchman said at Speedweek.com.

The Red Bull Racing driver doesn't feel any pressure anyway: "My goal is always the same: I give the best of myself. If that's enough to win the title then that would be great. But if I finish second, but haven't done anything wrong, I can live with that. World champion or not, it doesn't turn my life upside down. I'm totally relaxed about it."


A Turkish Formula One fan still had the opportunity to ask Max who in the current driver field he would support if he was not a GP driver himself? Verstappen: "Fernando Alonso, just because I like his driving style."