McLaren responds to rumours to a rivalry with Perez

01-10-2021 21:25 | Updated: 01-10-2021 21:48
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McLaren responds to rumours to a rivalry with Perez

Sergio Perez and Lando Norris have already had a few clashes in the current Formula One season. Both have their sights set on third place in the championship, and both are prepared to fight for it.

However, according to McLaren team boss Zak Brown, this is not leading to tensions between the two. "In my opinion, there's not really a rivalry going on with Checo," he said in a conversation with the Mexican branch of ESPN. "There have been some things that have happened, but I wouldn't say Checo is his rival."

No rivalry between Perez and Norris

He continued: "I haven't heard Lando talk about any incident that has angered him. I don't think a rivalry is forming," Brown concluded.

Pérez and Norris collided twice: in Austria and in the Netherlands. Norris was penalised for the incident in Austria, but the stewards were criticised for it by both McLaren and Red Bull Racing, both of whom felt the penalty was unjustified as the incident occurred shortly after the safety car restart.

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