Vettel considers credibility important: "I do not do this for publicity"

01-10-2021 19:15 | Updated: 01-10-2021 21:46
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Vettel considers credibility important: I do not do this for publicity

Sebastian Vettel regularly makes the news with his projects and activities to improve the environment. In doing so, he doesn't seek out publicity but rather does so under the radar. This is a conscious decision: the Aston Martin driver wants to make a real contribution and feels that seeking publicity would defeat the purpose.

Vettel active in nature conservation and environment

Vettel has been actively concerned with the environment and conservation for some time. During the lockdown, he completed an internship in organic farming, and he organises and participates in projects in that field. For example, he built a bee hotel with schoolchildren in Austria and photos surfaced showing him cleaning up after the British Grand Prix.

The 34-year-old German stresses that his fame as a Formula 1 driver can help spread the message, but that he finds it more important to actively participate in "credible" projects.

"I don't do these things so people look at them," he said in a conversation with "The first thing I always want to make sure of is that it makes sense, and that it helps the place where we are at that moment."

Vettel: 'Only talking and doing nothing is not authentic'

Vettel does see that his work can inspire others to take action too. "It's great when people show interest and start thinking about doing things differently. But for me, the first priority is always that it's credible, and that what you're doing makes sense. It's nice to talk about what we should be doing, but I think you then have to do it yourself. Otherwise it's not authentic," said the four-time world champion.

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