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Rumour mill about Alfa Romeo's second seat is running at full speed

Rumour mill about Alfa Romeo's second seat is running at full speed

01-10-2021 14:52 Last update: 18:42


Antonio Giovinazzi, who was once high on the list to drive for Ferrari after impressive results in Formula 2, could never really convince in his years with Alfa Romeo, although it must also be said that the car did not work in his favour.

Rumours about a seat for Bottas

Compared to his experienced teammate Kimi Raikkonen Giovinazzi is not doing badly at all this year. Although the race proportions are in favour of the Finn (7-4 in favour of Raikkonen), Giovinazzi often shows his heels against Raikkonen (9-4 in favour of the Italian).

Mercedes let Bottas leave for Alfa Romeo and rumours about the second seat have been doing the rounds for months. Will it be Nyck de Vries, Guanyu Zhou (who has indicated to leave Formula 2 after this season) or the talented Theo Pourchaire?

Gio's reaction

Giovinazzi himself states that he is not really busy with it. "For now I want to concentrate on keeping my place in Formula 1. If that doesn't work out, I'll start thinking about next year. But for now I just want to concentrate on my work. Discussions about the future are not for me, but for Vasseur. The only thing I can do is drive and get more points: I hope that is enough," he says at Formulapassion.it.

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