The Debate | Hamilton will take another grid penalty in 2021

27-09-2021 06:56
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The Debate | Hamilton will take another grid penalty in 2021

During the Russian Grand Prix Max Verstappen took his new engine, causing him to start from the back of the grid. Valtteri Bottas also took a grid penalty due to an engine change, to the surprise of many. Lewis Hamilton was able to walk away with the win as a result.

The question that is now going around is whether Hamilton will also get a grid penalty this season. Earlier Helmut Marko said that he expects Mercedes to take a penalty in Turkey, Austin or Mexico because these circuits suit Red Bull Racing better. Therefore Verstappen took the penalty in Sochi, because this circuit suits Red Bull less. Christian Horner agrees with Marko and also expects a grid penalty for Hamilton. The team doesn't want to say much about it, but there is still a chance that Hamilton will start from the back of the grid one more time.

Hamilton takes fourth engine

During the Belgian Grand Prix the Brit changed his third engine of the season. He also lost an engine during the Zandvoort weekend to a problem and is expected to need a fourth before the end of the season. That will give him a big grid penalty.

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