Hamilton warns for 'good set of circuits' coming up for Verstappen

26-09-2021 19:02
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton warns for 'good set of circuits' coming up for Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton can be satisfied after the Russian Grand Prix. The Brit won the race and takes back the lead in the championship, although the gap is still small. Hamilton knows that the battle for the championship will not be easy.

During the FIA press conference Hamilton gets asked if he is concerned that Mercedes have not made the most of the past two races. "Look, it’s not only the two races, there’s been plenty of races where we’ve not maximised, as a team, collectively, both drivers and everyone but we’re still in a fight and we can continue to improve. There are definitely things that we will try and do better moving forwards but we just won’t give up, we’ll just keep trying, keep pushing, remain hopeful and just do the work."

Hamilton warns for strong Red Bull

The Mercedes driver also talks about his chances in the championship. "Well, undoubtedly it’s going to be tough. I think, for two thirds of the season so far they’ve [Red Bull] had the edge. However, it’s obviously been difficult with all sorts of things, curve balls sent to both of us and our teams. There’s still everything to play for in these next races. I think they’ve got a good set of circuits coming up and I anticipate or just continue to be really close between us. Just got to be hopeful of some good races."

"It’s good [the performance] but it’s not exceptional and so we definitely have work still to do and I’m hopeful that we can try out and squeeze out maybe a little bit more performance in these next races. I hope, fingers crossed", Hamilton finishes.

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