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GP Russia forecast: No rain like Saturday, but chance of showers

GP Russia forecast: No rain like Saturday, but chance of showers

26-09-2021 11:55


On Saturday there were heavy rain showers in Sochi, which meant that a large part of the action on the track was cancelled. On Sunday morning it was dry for Formula 3 and Formula 2, but it seems to be a different story for Formula 1. As the circuit is situated between the mountains and the sea, showers quickly formed and there was a lot of rain.

Weather.com predicts a 75 percent chance of rain during the race. It will be 18 degrees and while there is currently sun over the track around the Olympic Park, the chance of rain during the race is expected to increase.

FIA expects less chance of rain

The FIA itself expects that there is a 40 percent chance of rain and the chance is high that it will remain dry at the start and that it will rain during the race. The drivers themselves are not looking at the sky too much at the moment, but there is a good chance that the teams will keep an eye on the sky and the clouds during the start of the race.

The amount of rain that we saw on Saturday will fortunately not be seen in Sochi and it is unlikely that we will see anything like the Spa-Francorchamps scene today. However, the rain could still play a role as it is unpredictable if it will rain and how hard it will rain.

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