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'It will become increasingly difficult to keep emotions in check'
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'It will become increasingly difficult to keep emotions in check'

24-09-2021 06:49 Last update: 09:12


Prior to the race weekend in Russia, there is still only one thing on the mind: The crash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. In the Warm-Up Weekend of Formula 1 it is discussed what the future looks like with these two drivers.

Duel in Monza

For the second time in 2021, Hamilton and Verstappen collided on the track with unpleasant consequences. Where Verstappen was the only driver to hit the wall in Silverstone, this time both drivers got a DNF. How will the duel continue between these two drivers, and is this really part of F1?

''They get very excited when they see each other on the track don't they? I think it will become more and more difficult to control the emotions when a duel is coming up. That's interesting for the fans and in a fight for the world title it's always good when it's on the edge,'' said Daniil Kvyat in the Weekend Warm-Up.

Is this part of Formula 1?

Asked by Will Buxton if it is a racing incident, the Russian seems to agree. ''When they race each other there is often one who goes over the line and the stewards see that. They then try to give both a warning, but that is normal.'' Buxton, however, wonders if that is normal and if it is part of the sport.

''You do have to give each other space,'' Kvyat replies. ''Every time there was a misjudgment by one of the two in their crashes, so it's a bit normal'', concludes the former Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso driver.

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