Verstappen: "There are still quite a few question marks from our side"

23-09-2021 19:18 | Updated: 23-09-2021 19:55
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Verstappen: There are still quite a few question marks from our side

Max Verstappen will face a grid penalty this weekend due to the incident with Lewis Hamilton at the Italian Grand Prix. Although the Dutchman has a different view on the accident, the Red Bull driver accepts the penalty.

It seems to be an excellent opportunity for Verstappen and Red Bull to switch engines. The Austrians are not prepared to make this decision, however, stating that they first want to see what the situation is with respect to competitor Mercedes.

Possible engine change for Verstappen

Verstappen was, therefore, unable to say much about the decision during the press conference. "There are still quite a few question marks from our side. We want to see how this weekend goes and see how competitive we are. In any case nothing has been decided yet", he says to

Although the Russian GP seems to be in favour of Mercedes in principle, Red Bull surprised more often with its performance this season. The leader in the world championship therefore seems to be taking into account a great weekend. "Specifically, it depends on how we compare to Mercedes and also what the weather is going to do. That remains to be seen," Verstappen said.

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