Gasly surprised: 'In Budapest we outqualified them'

20-09-2021 18:18 | Updated: 20-09-2021 21:11
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Gasly surprised: 'In Budapest we outqualified them'

Pierre Gasly hoped to return to Red Bull Racing next season, but the Austrians opted for a longer stay of Sergio Pérez. The driver is now focusing on AlphaTauri again, of which he expects a lot in 2022.

The Frenchman is making an excellent impression in his team this season. Gasly has so far scored 66 points in the world championship, which puts him behind McLaren and Ferrari. Despite the budget differences, Gasly sees that his team has proven in several weekends how many qualities there are in the team.

"It’s not only about driving the car, it’s the whole thinking process behind it," Gasly explains in conversation with Racer. "How to find more performance and try to improve our package to defend ourselves against big teams like Ferrari and McLaren and try to be more consistently at the top."

Gasly feels proud

Gasly finds it admirable how AlphaTauri are handling it. "I feel like sometimes they don’t really get the credit they deserve. In Budapest we outqualified the two Ferraris and two McLarens. On pure pace we know that they should be ahead of us. They have more resources and more knowledge from the past, they have better facilities and nonetheless we still manage to be right there and make their lives difficult on a couple of occasions."

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