Sainz proud of McLaren, but 'they've had their chance for the big points now'

19-09-2021 14:32 | Updated: 19-09-2021 15:38
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Sainz proud of McLaren, but 'they've had their chance for the big points now'

Carlos Sainz will probably look back on the Italian Grand Prix with mixed feelings. He saw his old employer achieve a great result in Monza, but with his Ferrari, he was unable to continue his podium finish of the previous year. It was the Spaniard's goal to be on the podium with a Ferrari at Monza. Nevertheless, he is happy for his old team, McLaren.

"They were even faster than a year ago. In fact, I think last year we had a lot of speed, but not as much as they have this year," Sainz explained in conversation with Autosport. The Ferrari driver can do nothing but congratulate his old team after their first win since 2012.

Sainz looks ahead

"The combination of a good start and good speed has allowed them to put in a very solid weekend. It's a team I have a lot of respect for and in a way, I'm happy for my old engineers and the people I've worked with," Sainz acknowledged. He has worked with the McLaren staff for two years and in that time he has got the British team back on the podium, along with Lando Norris.

"They've worked hard and got through a lot of tough moments as a team. So it's nice to see a historic team like McLaren winning again". Sainz is also hoping that his red Ferrari will allow him to get on the podium more often this season, following his second place in Monaco. "We are still within reach of McLaren in the championship. They have had their chance now and we will take them back in Russia," Sainz concluded hopefully.

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