'With this cleverness, Schumacher could end up winning races'

18-09-2021 12:53 | Updated: 18-09-2021 19:29
by GPblog.com
'With this cleverness, Schumacher could end up winning races'

According to F1 expert Marc Surer it is only a matter of time before Mick Schumacher will start winning races. The only thing missing for the son of Michael Schumacher is the right equipment.

Schumacher often doesn't win outright

Surer praises the work Schumacher is doing at Haas F1 in 2021. The 2020 Formula 2 champion drives mainly at the back and only battles with teammate Nikita Mazepin, as Haas' car has been severely underperforming this season.

"I always see that it took a long time. In every formula, it took a relatively long time to start winning," Surer says in a YouTube video of Formel1.de about Schumacher. In Formula 1 , Surer says it's mostly down to the quality of his car rather than the quality of Schumacher himself.

Mazepin has nothing to contribute

"In the first year, he controlled his teammate from the start. And they both had similar requirements."

Schumacher currently wins the qualifying duel 12-2 and Surer says Formula One is generally a lot trickier than the entry-level classes. "You have to get your tires in the right window and everything has to be set up correctly. It's a tough job and Mick is definitely doing it better than his teammate."

"That's why I have to say, Mick impresses me with how cleverly he handles things. And yes, with this cleverness you can end up winning races if you have the right car," Surer concluded.

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