Sainz saw clear room for improvement: 'Most of the time he was right'.

18-09-2021 08:56 | Updated: 18-09-2021 09:57
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Sainz saw clear room for improvement: 'Most of the time he was right'.

Carlos Sainz is having an excellent season at Ferrari after a difficult start. The Spaniard is behind his teammate Charles Leclerc in the World Championship and hopes to score a lot of points in the coming weeks.

In a video of Mission Winnow Sainz looks back on his road to Formula 1. The Spaniard sees that he owes a lot to his parents, especially to his father. However he feels he should have listened to him more often.

"Ninety percent of the time he was right, because he is my father and it is in the nature of a child to go against his father or against the man who knows a little bit more about whatever. You tend to go against that a little bit. Most of the time he was right and then I had to learn it myself by making a mistake."

Sainz's self-confidence

Sainz noted that he personally had to do a lot of work on his self-confidence. "It's always difficult, at least that's how it went in my career, but I think it happens to everyone. When you're facing a very strong opponent, you wonder if you need to improve this or that. I probably should have believed in my abilities a little more."

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