Hamilton's behaviour after Verstappen crash criticised: "Looking for drama"

17-09-2021 22:43 | Updated: 18-09-2021 08:56
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton's behaviour after Verstappen crash criticised: Looking for drama

As far as Tom Coronel is concerned, the crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in Monza was not a big deal. During Formula 1 Café on Ziggo Sport, the discussion flares up again. Coronel sees it as a racing incident but criticises Hamilton's attitude after the race.

Coronel and Jack Plooij agree: it was a racing incident. "He's just not giving him enough room," Coronel concludes. Plooij adds, "Lewis is cutting him off here. They should have dismissed this as a racing incident."

Hamilton dramatic

After the race, Hamilton was spotted with tape on his neck and indicated he probably needs to go to a neck specialist. Coronel is short on that: "This is drama seeking. This is a very gentle clap that can just happen," he says.

Driver Nick Catsburg especially criticizes the inconsistency of the stewards in handing out penalties. "What surprises me: Max always does this, but Lewis didn't expect Max to go for it. Lewis knows Max is there,"he said. "I find it bizarre that Max gets a penalty for this. It starts with Lewis not giving space."

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