New footage shows: 'Hamilton deliberately forced Verstappen out'

17-09-2021 22:18 | Updated: 18-09-2021 08:55
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New footage shows: 'Hamilton deliberately forced Verstappen out'

Opinions on the crash between title rivals Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are strongly divided. Formula 1 photographer Peter van Egmond shows new images, and with that comes new insights about the incident during Formula 1 Café.

Van Egmond is a true veteran of Formula 1 photography: for over 35 years, he can be found with his camera around the circuits. He was also present in Monza, in the corner where the crash between the rivals took place. He was in the front row, and shows new footage of the incident which reignites the discussion.

Did Hamilton deliberately force Verstappen out?

"When I look at these pictures I feel that Max was really committed, and I see Lewis looking at Max in his mirror. In my view, this is where he steers a bit extra to the left," Van Egmond explained.

Next, the photos he took are shown. "Here you can already see that Lewis doesn't make the apex. Maybe that's because he has cold tyres, but I have a feeling he is deliberately forcing Max out. Max is obviously trying to stay off those sausage kerbs, but Lewis could have steered to the right here in my opinion. If you go back in that picture you see Lewis looking very excessively in his mirrors, while Max is just looking where he wants to go."

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