Sainz flew off the track three out of four times: "Won't happen again"

17-09-2021 17:46 | Updated: 17-09-2021 18:12
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Sainz flew off the track three out of four times: Won't happen again

Carlos Sainz has crashed out no less than three times in the last four race weekends. The Spaniard is still learning to master his Ferrari SF12. Sainz is self-confident, however, and says he won't be putting the mechanics through overtime again any time soon.

Three separate incidents

Sainz who also crashed at Monza had no explanation for the accident. He did say that he struggled for a while afterwards to regain confidence in the car. asked him if the crash showed similarities with the accidents in Hungary and Zandvoort.

Sainz: "I think they are three separate accidents, with three separate causes." At Zandvoort, Sainz drove slightly outside the racing line causing him to lose the car. In Hungary, Sainz had to deal with "one of the biggest gusts of wind I've ever experienced in a race car."

Sainz rules out more overtime

Although Sainz is otherwise having a strong season in terms of points with a deficit of just 6.5 points to teammate Charles Leclerc, team boss Mattia Binotto, has put Sainz on edge.

Sainz responds, "It's not ideal as I've been causing the mechanics and team a little too much overtime lately. I'm sure it won't happen again soon and I'll recover from it."

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