Hamilton and Verstappen receive criticism: 'The most expensive for Lewis'

16-09-2021 19:12 | Updated: 16-09-2021 19:28
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Hamilton and Verstappen receive criticism: 'The most expensive for Lewis'

The Formula 1 world is still talking about the crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton four days after the Italian Grand Prix. While some blame one of the two drivers for the incident, others argue that it was a racing incident.

Jan Lammers tells in the Formula 1 podcast from NPO Radio 1 what he thinks of the accident. The former driver sees that Verstappen was not wise by taking a risk, but he thinks that the British driver is not blameless either. Therefore he finds it difficult to say where the blame lies.

"I thought it was just unwise from both drivers. Most of all from Lewis, because he could have avoided the contact as well. They both could have avoided it and they both decided not to avoid the contact. Only that turned out to be the most expensive for Lewis because he could have gained a lot of points here. They both wanted to be the toughest in the gravel traps."

Hamilton and Verstappen in the world championship

By finishing second in the sprint race last weekend, Verstappen captured two more points, which moved him further up the world championship standings. Despite this, his lead is still only five points. During the GP of Russia, which takes place next week, Mercedes seems to have the biggest chance for a victory.

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