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Verstappen not 'guilty' of crash with Hamilton: 'It was not clear'

Verstappen not 'guilty' of crash with Hamilton: 'It was not clear'

16-09-2021 14:26 Last update: 14:45


Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen went down together during the Italian Grand Prix. Verstappen was given a penalty afterwards, but Jost Capito, the Williams team boss, doesn't agree at all.

It was the second incident between Hamilton and Verstappen in 2021. After Hamilton was the one who sent Verstappen to the wall with a tap at Silverstone, it was now Verstappen who ended up on top of Hamilton in the first chicane at Monza. According to Capito, however, this is part of racing.

Verstappen not guilty

''I think it's not good to look for someone to blame, especially when it's not clear. In this case, it wasn't clear. You should say 'they're racers, so let them race too'. It is racing. Things like that happened in the past too. When we had such an exciting fight for the title, there was always something like that that happened during the season,'' the Williams team boss said according to Motorsport-total.com.

According to Capito, it is also very easy to judge from the sidelines about drivers' decisions. ''You can imagine how difficult it is for those drivers in the car to decide in a split second what to do. They can't see it from all angles. If you have two drivers fighting for the title and have a car with the same speed, then of course they will want to fight when they meet. Then anything can happen,'' Capito concludes.

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