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Kubica hopes to return to Formula 1: 'Anything can happen'

Kubica hopes to return to Formula 1: 'Anything can happen'

16-09-2021 13:10 Last update: 13:39


Robert Kubica has been able to drive himself back into the spotlight for a while with his return to Formula 1 at Alfa Romeo. Kimi Raikkonen returns for the Russian Grand Prix, but Kubica is keeping his options open for 2022.

Kubica got his chance at a return to Williams in F1 in 2019, but never quite made it back to his old level. In 2020, he was again sidelined there, but was given a reserve role at Alfa Romeo. That role landed him a substitute appearance at the Dutch and Italian Grand Prix when Raikkonen became infected with the coronavirus.

Return of Kubica

Valtteri Bottas has been confirmed for 2022 at Alfa Romeo, but the second seat is still available. Kubica states that he is still hoping for a chance. ''I have learned that anything can happen from one day to the next. That's why I never say 'never,' but realistically there are some drivers who are higher on the list than me'', Kubica is also realistic according to Motorsport-total.com.

''I have no idea what the future holds for me. I think many people don't understand how difficult it is to come back to Formula 1. My experience helped me to stay calm and take it step by step on my return until I felt good,'' the Alfa Romeo reserve driver concludes.

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