Mercedes updates: "We are hoping we’ll see Hamilton in Russia fighting fit"

15-09-2021 20:44 | Updated: 15-09-2021 23:03
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Mercedes updates: We are hoping we’ll see Hamilton in Russia fighting fit

The hectic crash at Monza between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton did not only have consequences for the condition of the cars, as Lewis Hamilton was spotted wearing support tape on his neck. In a update from Mercedes Andrew Shovlin confirms that the driver is currently doing well and recovering.

Responding to questions regarding Hamilton's current condition following the crash at Monza, Shovlin stated "I am pleased to say he is doing well, although he does have a sore neck."

Shovlin continued: "The photos showed how far he got pushed forward during the incident but he has got a bit of time to recover. We are hoping we’ll see him in Russia fighting fit."

Halo life-saving

Following on from his colleague's message, technical director James Vowles stated that the minimal damage sustained by the driver is proof of the high safety standards maintained in motorsport's premier class. Vowles: "This is a testament to all the safety that has been put in place in Formula 1 across the last few years. The halo truly saved his life in this instance, the helmet took the impact and took it well. "

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